Remember custom view in contacts Tab

Hello dear eM Client Team,
first things fist: Thanks for the astonishing work so far ! Great Programm.

Now for my Answer/Idea for the next version:
The custom colums view (Contacts) should remember the last settings made, until changed again. This would be a great Improvement of this feature, as searching through the list of colums every time can be very annoing, and different users and businesses have very different requirements.

Best regards

DI Christoph Haas

Hello Christoph, column configuration should be kept after restarting the application, however note each one of your folders can use a different columns configuration, thus in order to apply your configuration to all folders you need to use the option “Apply columns configuration on select folders”, which is available after right clicking one of your columns as well.

If your columns configuration is being reset to the default with each closing of the application, please make sure to let me know.