Release notes need to be more detailed than just "hundreds of bug fixes and small improvements"

I am still running the May build of eM since, for better or worse, it’s been working for me. I have my share of buglets and annoyances, most of them reported here and/or pro support, and of course I would like to know whether any of those have been fixed in later builds. However, that’s not possible if the release notes conflate everything under one umbrella of “hundreds of bug fixes and small improvements” instead of providing a breakdown of what those fixes and improvements actually are.

Sorry, but at this point I am not tempted to install new builds just to check whether “feature X” has been fixed or added, since each new build seems to come with its own host of new issues, as the spike in forum posts during recent weeks suggests.

I totally agree Liviu. I had many tickets open with eM Client and with each service release I have to go through each issue to see what has been fixed. It is becoming a chore.

I regular change log would be most useful.