Reinstall emclient on Windows 10

I had emclient installed on my Wondows 10 machine 2 years ago. After some time I had uninstalled the software.

Now today I wanted to install the new version of emclient again and I get the an error message because the network drive does not exist anymore. What can I do? Why are after the reinstallation drive details from back then still stored?

2022-11-05 02_53_03-Fehler beim Herunterladen der Dokumentation aufgetreten

Sounds like you have some sort of Win 10 registry problem where maybe when it’s uninstalled previously, it hasn’t 100% removed completely from the registry in Windows due to some unknown reason and so the old network drive / path still comes up when you try to reinstall.

So suggest If you use any registry cleaners, to try running that and then reboot and see if it fixes it. Also clean out your old Windows Temp files incase Windows left any old eM Client installation files or install settings in there previously as well.

Failing that if you are proficient at editing the registry manually, you could search for that specific error / path and delete it manually.

Lastly if still a problem, suggest to try creating a new Windows user profile and see if that works. If it does then copy all your old documents / files etc to your new profile and your good to go.

I gave a solution here: Error when loading database - can't install

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Thank you for the solution, now it works.