Reinstall eMClient and lost all mail

I have just had problems with my computer and ended up, reinstalling Windows and everything else, including eM Client. Problem is that I wasn’t aware of the important files in: C:\Users****\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\
I had designated a folder on another harddrive for my emails, and I admit I didn’t even check, if it was necessary to keep any other information.
I have read another another topic in this forum:…
and I have roughly the same files except that I have all files with the extensions:
I do have mail_fti.dat and mail_index.dat in that folder as well as with the 2 other extensions, but even though I have changed the folder for eM Client under Tools and Settings, I am still not able to se my old emails.
Can anybody help me, get my mails and addresses back?

What are the sizes of your database?

Database? Is that the 2 files mail_fti.dat and mail_index.dat?
If so then the sizes of the new ones are:
mail_fti.dat 567.296
mail_index.dat 79.872
And the old ones, which I have recovered with an undelete program:
mail_fti.dat-shm 98.304
mail_index.dat-shm 98.304

Are those in byte, mb or what?

That is byte. Read it straight of Explorer in Windows.

If it in byte, they’re way too small to contain any data. Recovery is trickier than most people think. Take it to a recovery specialist or more experience IT personal to do a recovery if you think it worth the price. Else you need to accept the data is gone.

the main database file is mail_data.dat. If you do not have this file, I am afraid your emails are lost. Try find it and then copy this file to the new location - it could help.


George Wilson
eM Client