reinstall emc after w10 reinstall

I just installed W10 on a new drive and it is telling me I am out of activations.  How do I fix?

Also, the last time I reinstalled emc, I had dup folders, All Mail was in the wrong folder, old emails went to wrong folders.  How do I avoid all this again?  I need specific steps.  At this point, I ONLY installed and have not set up my multiple email accounts.


A Free License can only be activated once. If you want to activate it again on another computer or installation, you will need to first deactivate it on the previous installation.

So if you want to use it on another, you will need to first deactivate it on the old, then activate it on the new. If you want to use the application simultaneously on two or more computers you will need to register a separate license for each computer.

Best method to move eM Client to a new computer, or reinstall it, is to first make a backup using Menu > File > Backup. Then on the new computer or installation use Menu > File > Restore. That will ensure that it is exactly as it was before.

I am waiting for the HOW part.

Deactivating a license is done via Menu > Help > License > Deactivate. Then activating on the new computer is done in . . . . wait for it . . . . Menu > Help > License > Activate. :wink:

Registering a second Free License is done at the same place you registered your first Free License. In case you can’t find it, it is

I already gave the how for backup/restore in my comment above. Hope that suffices.

There is no old PC to deactivate because that HD is dead.  I only have the new HD (same PC) which only has Menu>(Contents or About).  Why can’t EMClient just deactivate everything under my email so I can re-activate my new harddrive install?  There should be support if they charge for this!

If I can’t get the support I need by the time my “Demo” expires tomorrow, I will just keep buying a license and then dispute it with my credit card company until EMClient decides to support their product. 

If you need support from eM Client, as per the terms of the license agreement which you already accepted, you will need to purchase a Pro License. That will give you direct access to VIP Support. Under the same agreement, which you already accepted, if you have a Free License, you have no access to Support.

There is no reason to dispute an agreement which you already accepted. If you did not agree to the support model, then you should not have installed the application.

Fortunately if you have a Pro License you can deactivate the license at any time, from any computer, using the License Manager. For Free License, you will need to deactivate the license before moving to another computer, or simply register another Free License. If that is not possible, you can write to eM Client and ask them to deactivate the license for you, but that will take some time if you only have a Free License. Maybe you should have done that 30 days ago, then it would already be done. :wink:

Yes, I paid for the Pro version and with that is supposed to be Support. (Breach of contract)
When I try to get support, it sends me to the KB. I have been trying for 30 days and it took 30 days for someone to send me the link, much less mention the License Manager. Thank you, but AGAIN, emc’s level of support rivals AOL. What the heck is a User Group? There is a plethora of other issues that plagues their website and have contributed to prolonging a solution. One of which is you mention I can write to emc, but that info is either not on their website, or intentionally hidden.
What is a User Group and how to I contact emc?

If emc can’t provide a solution, then I will create my own solution.

My apologies for my hostile tone, but I have had three issues with emc over the years and all three have been an absolute nightmare to resolve.

Pro License support is really good. Usually they reply within 24 hours on work days. Unfortunately on weekends they are closed.

As far as I know AOL does not provide any user support.

eM Client’s contact information is on their web site. Right at the top is a button Contact Us. I added the link to this text so you can find it easily if that was too difficult for you. As a Pro License user, best to write to them using the email address that you used to purchase the license, otherwise they might not reply.

The login information for the License Manager was provided when you purchased the license. If you do not have the information, click on the Reset Password link on that page. Again, I have added the link here if you missed that. All the details required for login will be resent to the registered email address. But in the mean-time, user group is User.

If you have any other issues, I usually respond within a few hours on this forum, so just ask away and we will see if everything can be sorted out without any further difficulty.