Regular iCloud mail account 'server says unauthorized' error

I have used eMClient for a long time and it’s been pretty trouble free. In the last week or so, I am now getting the error attached on a very regular basis, i.e. 3 to 4 times a day.
Every time, I have to go to iCloud, get a new app-specific password, put it into eMClient and it’s OK for a while. Then, just repeat and repeat.
What is happening here?

A place to start is reaching out to the provider and asking them why their server says you are unauthorised. Could be a server issue, or an issue with your account, but they will be able to tell you more.

Thanks Gary.
I’m not convinced it’s an Apple issue as this isn’t happening on Outlook which I am using as well, due to the issues with eMClient.

Yep, definitely something to do with eMClient as all other email clients are working perfectly well with the same account.
Anyone any ideas on this?

Well, it works perfectly well in eM Client also, until their server decides you are unauthorised.

What did they say when you asked them about their server’s message?

OK, I guess I’ll give up.
All other clients, e.g. Outlook, Mail, Apple Mail are working OK. So obviously I am authorised. I input the new app specific password into eMClient, and it works for a while, but then it doesn’t.
Thanks anyway. I guess I’ll give eMClient a miss at the moment and hope it will be sorted out soon.

Your provider won’t sort it unless you ask them to.

Thanks, but we’ll have to disagree on this one.

The clue is in the screenshot you posted: “Server Says”.

You will need to find out why the server says you are unauthorised. Only your provider can give you that information.

I’m also getting this error since a couple of days ago.
My icloud password is coming up as “Server says unauthorized”. It’s definitely correct.

Just keeps repeating a username/password request but the strange thing is, I can cancel and it still downloads my emails fine.

It’ll temporarily download, but you won’t be able to send.
Someone I know is also having this issue, so something weird going on with eMClent and iCloud atm.
Use another client till this is resolved. Seems to just affect eMC.

It’s not an incorrect password as long as you are using the app password and not the account password.

It is a message from your server to say you are not authorised. You will need to contact your provider for assistance as it is a server issue.

It is clearly a server/eMClent temporary incompatibility issue as only occurs with it.
It’ll sort itself out.

No, it is just a server issue, related to your account. Please contact your provider for assistance and they will be able to tell you why their server says you are unauthorised.

Well, as I said above, we will have to disagree on this. Mailbird, Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail and all mobile devices don’t have the issue, so it seems clear to me.
I’m not saying it’s a eMC issue but it is defintely something that is going on with it and iCloud.

The glitch with eMC and iCloud has cleared and all has been good since Sunday.