Regular Error message : An attempt to connect failed.


I have been using eM Client for a couple of months and I must say it overall works fine, it’smuch faster and much more user friendly then outlook. Congrats !

There is however an issue that keeps coming back regularly.
There is an error occurring once in a while, but occurs on BOTH GMAIL and Exchange accounts.

The Operations window, error tab shows :
“Connection to XXAccountNameXX failed. [Exchange web service] An attempt to connect to XXX failed. this could be caused by a temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings ?”

In above error message please read XXAccountNameXX as either GMAIL or Exchange because it happens on both accounts, both showing same message.

However please note that after clicking “Send & Receive” button again, emails end up syncing on both accounts.

Technical inputs :
 - eM Client version : 6.0.20617.
 - OS : Windows 7 - 64 bits.
 - Wifi and laptop have no known issues.
 - Is problem new in this release : No it has been there for a while including previous releases.
 - Gmail settings :
  IMAP : Host =, Port = 993, Security = Use SSL/TSS on special port (Legacy).
  SMTP : Host =, Port = 587, Security = Use SSL/TSS if available, Authentification = use identity credentials.
  Tchat : Host =, Port = 5223, Domain =, Authentification = use identity credentials.
  Calendar and contacts = Deactivated (not used / synced).
 - Gmail two steps verification security is NOT activated.

 - Exchange settings :
  Server :
  Mail, Calendar, Contacts = Activated, Authentification = use identity credentials.
Some posts are suggesting to reduce the Settings/general option to synchronize every … 2 or 5 minutes (instead of 15 minutes) because at 15 minutes eM Client thinks it is still connected whereas the server at the other other has dropped the connection. This reduces the Gmail errors but does NOT reduce the Exchange errors.

Other Posts suggest to increase to 5 to 10 minutes because Gmail will not allow every 2 minutes queries and that will generate more errors.

Othe Posts again suggest that this is just a notification and that Notification can be turned off. I disagree and believe that this pop-up actually corresponds to a connection failure which is important since it affects all syncs.

I believe there is either a port issue, or delays due to IMAP protocol (gmail) or web based access (exchange).
Could the timeout be too short in eM Client for a connection request ?
Could this be improved if eM Client is registered as a valid accessing 3rd party into the Gmail web site ?

Can the errror message in the Operations window be improved to discriminate :
 - Failures due to eM Client timeout.
 - Failures due to remote server or interface timeout.
 - Failures due to Authentification.
 - Failures or due to server saturation / not responding.
 - Failures due to access issues (internet access dropped or too slow),
 - Etc …

What do you suggest to improve this please ?

Please note it seems that this issue is being experienced by many users :


Hi Imrana, unfortunately these errors can be caused by minor connectivity issues when the IDLE connection between the server and your client is dropped,
eM Client should automatically try to reconnect to the server in latest versions (including the one you’re currently using), however the error may still be shown (as is in your case).

If all features of eM client are working properly except this error is being shown, it’s nothing to be worried about, you can even hide these errors from showing in Tools > Settings > General > “Show window when an error occurs”.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, we’re working on improving these issues with every new update.

Thank you for understanding,

I have this same bug with email connections and I just submitted a pro ticket. Please fix this. Other email programs I have used do not have such a connection problem with email accounts…

Hi Yotsume, thank you for reporting the issue, can you please make sure you’re using the latest available version of eM Client ?
If you’re please submit any additional information as what mail service you’re using or if you’re seeing any errors to my colleagues in PRO support, I’m sure they’ll be with you shortly.

Thank you,