Regular announcements on eM Client builds released?

Is there a page when one can find regular announcements on eM Client builds released?

I understand that the update feature should inform me immediately about new releases but it’s not. As example: I haven’t been informed about build 20648 even though I was using an older build (20617 as far as I can recall).

I guess the update feature only notifies me after a stated period from the last release or when there’s a significant improvement has been made or any other similar circumstance. That’s OK but it would be nice to keep track on the released and decide whether to update manually.

Another thing is that the *.msi files downloaded as “latest” are not tagged with any release information… It would be nice to have such metadata so we knew what particular build is available at the moment.

Hi, eM Client’s updates are divided into several categories which include smaller updates that are pushed to a smaller group of users and major updates that are pushed to all of our users. Some minor updates are even released individually to certain customers with issues specific for their account etc.
This is probably the reason why you haven’t received the update for 20648, but don’t worry even with the current update setup you should not miss any important updates.

Thank you for understanding,