Bonjour depuis la dernière version  la 7.2.36164.0 les règles ne fonctionnent pas

merci à vous cordialement

… pour moi la version reste plus souvent? … aucune autre action plus possible … n’était pas avant :frowning:

Yes, there are problems with the release. Best option is to uninstall it and re-install 7.2.35595.

I have Rules that move messages from IMAP folder to Local Folders. All the messages that were moved by Rule are empty and have been lost forever. It is a major problem and Support is closed till Monday.

Hello Joe,

Thank you for reporting this. Unfortunately, 7.2.36164 was an internal release meant for testing and by accident, it was marked as “public”. However, there shouldn’t be any further bugs except the “rules bug” in this version so there’s no need for a downgrade. 

We’re currently working on a fix for the rules before the update will be publicly released.


It also creates this strange folder called blob_storage in the same location as the install file. :wink:

eM Client 7.2.36465 creates a “blob_storage” folder on my desktop.
I remove it, but the next time I open the program it regenerates again.

I wonder why, and why on Desktop ?
Is there a remedy ? :) 

It generates in the location where the install file was when you installed eM Client. I am not sure if it was fixed in 7.2.36694, which is available from the Release History but I am using a later internal build and it is no longer there.

Thanks Gary,

I installed v7.2.36694, and disappeared from desktop.
Now it exists in install location, which I don’t care about that.