Refreshing problem

Hi - after I’ve refreshed, I can’t refresh again. The eM Client says that it will do so when I’m next connected to the internet, but I always am. And no matter how long I wait, it doesn’t refresh; very frustrating.  Can anyone help?

Any errors in Menu > Tools > Operations, then in the Log tab?

No - no errors there!

Some providers like Google Calendar will not allow you to connect more than once every 15 minutes. So clicking Refresh will have no result. It could be something like that.

What version of eM Client are you using?

Who is the email provider?

If you cannot click refresh it might be just that eg: EM Client thinks its not activated (even though it was previously), so then won’t receive new emails. Check under “Menu / Help / License” to make sure its still activated. If not re-enter your key and activate.

Another thing that can cause the refresh not to work is that eg: If EM Client is in “Offline mode” so won’t receive at all. Click on "Menu / File and see if “Work Offline” is checked. If it is checked, click Work Offline it to go back to Online mode.

Thanks so much!  But those are not the problem :frowning:

7.2.35128.0, and gmail.
But it doesn’t matter how long I wait.  I have to shut the program down and restart it to be able to refresh.

Some changes were made in later releases of version 7.2.x. Please download the latest 7.2.x version from the Release History, and see if there is any difference.