refresh time

With Refresh the process of IMAP and SMTP takes longer than before.
Underlying folders are also being checked.
This happened as I think to remember after a change in configuration.
Can’t find a solution after searching.
Please help.

IMAP syncs the Inbox with the server in real-time, so clicking Refresh is not necessary. Clicking Refresh will sync all the sub-folders, calendars and contacts. These are usually synced on the schedule you have specified in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization.

All I can think of that would increase the time from what it was before is if you have just specified in your IMAP settings to download for off-line use, or you have added additional accounts. But after that has synced once, it should not take very long.

Thank you Gary Curtin for your quick reply.
I changed the config a bit, now it’s better

Just to confirm, is it right that I don’t have to use Refresh for receiving in the INBOX?
When my configuration is:
Accounts = IMAP
Accounts > IMAP > OffLine Download = Off
Settings > General > Run at start up = On
Settings > General > Sync at start up = On
Settings > General > Every xx min. = Off
Settings > Mail > Send > Copy in Sent folder = On
Settings > Mail > Send > Send messages immideately = On

I think 
Settings > General > Sync at start up = would not even be necessary, could be Off.
Because IMAP syncs auto.
Am I right?

If you have Calendars or Contacts synced with a server, or you have server-side filters moving messages to sub-folders, then you do need to enable the sync interval. Otherwise they will only sync at startup (as per your current settings) and will not sync again until you restart eM Client or manually click the Refresh button. If you disable sync on start, they will only sync when you manually click the Refresh button.

Thank you Gary, I am OK with that.