Refresh keeps spinning-

Today I am unable to move Inbox messages to folders. Keeps saying will take a long time.
Also when opening program, the Refresh arrow keeps spinning for several minutes.
Did a Repair , and restarted.
No change.
Can I reinstall email client somehow without losing my saved messages?.
Version 8.2.1659 (845a639)

That would signal that either the server side is having issues and/or your connection is having issues.

A PC reboot might be in order and router reboot is another option.
If you are using a VPN, close it or switch to another server.

How can this help in moving Inbox messages to various archiving folders?

Notice what I replied to. I did not respond to the other parts of your post… yet.

The spinning has stopped, but Inbox messages cannot be moved to the individual folders where I save them.m
I can move message to the Trash folder and delete them, but not any of my own folders (saving mail of friends and relatives)

Take a look at your Task Manager and see if you notice any processes with high CPU and/or Memory numbers.



OK finally found a solution.
Task Manager showed eMail Client running twice.
Stopped both processes and now am able to move emails to proper archive folders.
Thanks for the hints !!!

The wonderful world of computing… expect the unusual !

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