Refresh issue after client minimised in Win10

eM Client seems to work well - however if I minimize it to the task bar in Windows 10 then open it again later the inbox view does not refresh and show mail that arrived after it was minimized. eM Client has downloaded incoming mail, but it is not displayed. If I click on another folder and then back on inbox the new mail is instantly displayed.

This does seem to be a timing thing as if the client is only minimised for a short period then refresh issue does not occur. I’ll play around and see if I can determine how long it has to be minimised fo this issue to arise.

If I don’t minimise eM Client then incoming mail is correctly displayed as it arrives.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

What version of eM Client you are using? If it is not the latest in the Release History, can you update and see if there is any difference.

It’s the latest in release history. The failure to refresh doesn’t happen immediately. I reopened emclient several times during the day after minimising and the inbox screen had refreshed properly. If I leave it minimised overnight however it does not refresh when I reopen even though it has downloaded new mail.

My computer is set to never hibernate or sleep. I would say this is a bug

How do you know it has “downloaded” new mail if it is not visible?