refresh doesnt stop

I have several email accounts setup in my eM client but one continues to have the refresh icon spinning at all times. Any way to stop this?

That normally means 3 things.

1). Either the specific account in eM Client still “hasn’t fully Synced” with your Server mailbox and can take time depending on how large a mailbox you have on the server end.

2). Or there "is some issue with a specific email or emails on the server mailbox end and eM Client cannot sync or get past those emails.

3). Or you have “some sort of corruption” with that specific account within eM Client locally.

So first thing either click “Menu / Operations” or click the “Down arrow” on the right of the Refresh button and click “Show Operations” to see if you can see in the error log tab any issues.

If there is no issues then could be just you server mailbox hasn’t completely synced yet with eM Client and might just be taking alot longer so give it more time and see what happens. When you click “Show Operations” it will also show you on the first tab “the progress” of an account syncing to give you an idea when it will be finished. So also check that out.

Failing that suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” or “Menu / File / Backup” if its an old eg: V7 eM Client. Again you can see when its completed the backup via the “View Operations” tab. Then once backed up, click “Menu / Accounts” and click on your account on the left that is the problem and click Remove.

Then click “Add Account” and follow the email automatic wizard or manual setup options (depending on your mailbox provider) and see if that then works.