Reference Attachments Error


i have problem with one repeating error. I didnt find similir problem in KD or here.

[Exchange Web Services] Email sendint is failed because this error: Reference Attachments are only supported on items with HTML body format.

I cant find how to fix this, its still there, all time, i dont know where could be problem. It looks that this problem block receiving etc in this account.

Does anyone know about this something?
Thank you.

We would need to see some specific logs for this.

To do that, please go to Menu > Settings > Advanced and click on the Clear Logs button.

Then remaining in the same window, select the Exchange Web Services option next to the email account where the problem is happening. You will need to tick the box, so it turns blue with a tick in it.

Click on Save & Close.

Restart eM Client.

Wait for the problem to be reproduced, so you see the same error again, then restart eM Client.

Go to Menu > Settings > Advanced and click on the Send Logs button. Please set the subject of the message as: For Gary from forum.

Hi, thank you for helping.
I tryid it few times (to avoid some mistakes) but its still there. So i sent you a logs.
Thank you!

Thank you for the logs.

We will work on a fix for this, but it will take a while before it makes it into a release.

In the meantime, don’t send messages in plain text when using cloud storage providers for the attachments.

Best option is just to send all messages as HTML, which you can set here. Make sure both are set to HTML then click on Save & Close.

Hello Gary,

thanks a lot. I found there in reply option by auto. I want to send all by HTML. It looks like someone send me something in plain and it set it to that and now i am where i am.

I got this account on IMAP nad MS exchange, could help delete it from eM and set it again?