Red Triangle Connection Failed

Anyone know why the Red Triangle connection failed keeps popping up? I can click on it and get mail but it keeps coming back. Thanks

I have been having the RED Triangle (Message repeatadly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility) problem for well over a year (maybe 2 years?), I have spent well over 30 hours working with EM client and my paid e-mail provider to resolve the issue but it still happens (I am using EMc version 8), even with two ISPs and 3 different modems and various DNS changes. Because I have never actually seen any evidence that my e-mails are not being sent or received I decided to give up on this issue and IGNORE THE RED TRIANGLE. It was the best option for my mental health.

I whole heartedly agree!

Are you using AVG or Avast Antivirus ?
I have been working with them for a few weeks now. I found that the Red Triangle can show that earlier emails eg overnight when your computer is off might be missing, but current ones may still work. It is very intermittent.
In the end, the Avast Business engineer could not find the problem. We reproduced the problem with both AVG and Avast. We have changed to a different Antivirus, and all issues resolved. We changed to Bitdefender.

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I have used many different antivirus packages in the past but for the last 5 years I have been using Microsoft’s Defender, I am mostly happy with its performance, not as intrusive as some other packages.
I have not been troubleshooting the Red Triangle issue for months now and I do not remember if I disabled Defender when I was troubleshooting the issue. As I said I have decided to ignore it. Yesterday I had no Red Triangle, today it is back…

Try to find an email message that is empty with sender “nobody”. When I removed that email, the red triangle “connection failed” disappeared.