Red Important (Flags) next to emails are difficult to click

The Red Important (Flags) next to emails are difficult to click no matter what layout i choose. Sometimes i have to click on them 2-3 times to get them to work. Yes they do work, but are difficult. Frustrating.

Is there a way to make them larger or make the hotspot area around them bigger to click on ?

I have EMClient V7.1.30794.0 Win 10.

Hello Cyberzork,

Could you please send me an email to with this topic URL in subject?

Thank you.


Don’t know if it’s related, but I have the same problem with bin icon in account settings. Sometimes I need to click the icon a few times before there is any response. Probably not a problem that most will experience as usually an account is added and never deleted. But I have been doing some testing which required to add/remove accounts regularly.

Ok will do.

Also if you change the Layout to (View Messages on the bottom), and then drag the Red flag to the very far right at the top, its pretty much impossible to click the red flag even though its away from the scrollbar.

Yes agree the account bin icon is a bit hard to click. Could be a bit bigger.