Red exclamation mark

We cant send or receive emails.  We ran a “repair” of EM client but just keep getting a red exclamation mark above the inbox:


This means that the account is not accessible. It could be because of a bad Internet connection, or a temporary server problem.

Thanks for the reply.  We have a good internet connection.  The account is definitely not accessible and I cant figure out why or how to resolve it.

Any errors?

If you turned off the operations pop-up window on errors, you can open it manually at Menu > Tools > Operations. Then click on the Errors tab.

I found this but we get it all the time and disabled this notification.  We haven’t changed any settings.

Can you disable your anti-virus and firewall and try again.

You could also check with your provider what the correct server settings are.

If that does not work, I suggest you open a support ticket, and have them assist you further.

It was an issue with our provider.  We have it sorted out now.  Thank