Recurring tasks broken and data loss in latest version

I just upgraded to version 5.0.17944.0. Shortly after doing so, I went and marked some of my recurring tasks as completed using the agenda panel on the right side of the main window. After doing this, eM Client suddenly reloaded the agenda panel with heaps of tasks missing.

I looked through my tasks and found that at least some of the completed occurrences of the recurring tasks were still present. Some of the tasks’ due dates have been removed. It looks like every recurring task has had its recurring functionality disabled; they have been converted to non-recurring tasks.

Additionally, various non-recurring tasks are completely missing from eM Client. Thankfully, they are still present when I access Google Calendar directly.

I was able to work around this by using the “Rebuild” button for the task list. Naturally for eM Client, the recurring task patterns and dates are completely lost.

Please don’t mark this as “solved” and forget about it; data loss is a serious problem and work-arounds are not real solutions.

Actually, even after rebuilding the problem happened again while I was deleting some tasks and creating recurring events. (I had to do this since recurring tasks are broken in eM Client 5.)

It looks like the tasks functionality is severely broken in this release.

could you please make few screenshots or a video which would help us to simulate the issue? Thank you.