recurring appointments

I am working with recurring events in Calendar. Sometimes the event time/day/duration etc. changes for future weekly recurring event. I want to change the future occurrences without losing the past occurrences as they took place. This was supposed to be fixed with version 7 but I am still experiencing the same problems ie. past events change when updating future events.

Hello Charles,

When you open the recurring event, eM Client asks you if you wish to change all the recurrences or just “this and future” just as it in the screenshot bellow. 

What version of eM Client are you using?

Russel Markosky
eM Client

Hi Russel sorry for the late reply. Yes I do get that dialog box when I open/delete an event. I do select “This and Future” but the the previous events sometimes do change to the set time and day for the recurring event (it is inconsistent). I am using version 7.1.30686.0.

Hi Charles,

I am sorry for the late reply.
Could you please send me the CalDav/Google calendar/EWS logs - depending what account it is- after this happens to

You can enable these in Menu > Tools > Settings > Advanced

Thank you.
Russel Markosky
eM Client

Thanks Russel It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it is very annoying. I will send the logs through when it happens again.  

On another note I have been using eMClient successfully on 2 computers for about 9 months (free version) to test the product prior to purchasing. I have recently upgraded the 2nd of my computers to the latest version 7.1.30686.0. and the calendar and contacts sync but my email does not sync. Can you offer any suggestions?

Hello Charles,

Could you please try deleting the account and setting it again? (If IMAP or Exchange)
If it is POP3, try running the Diagnostic feature in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Diagnostics


Hi Russel I have tried that and email still doesn’t show up. Calendar, contacts and tasks do but not email. Quite weird!!