Recovery from a Backup

I had a running version of emclient with the database located on a NAS drive. The NAS failed, but I have backup files locally. I tried recovering with these, but emclient keeps looking for the NAS. I then renamed the username/appdata/roaming/emclient folder and created a new one with the zip file in it, but emclient still looks for the NAS. What do I need to do ?


sábado 16 julio 2022 :: 0813hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @russell_whoever

The first thing I say is that it is NOT advised to have your database on
any remote drive NAS/Cloud etc.
If you do not wish to use the default location create a dedicated partition
on your SSD - use of an SSD is preferred,
What you need to do is to tell eMC where to place the database, to do this:
Menu ->Settings ->General ->Storage →
Here you can create a new location for the database
Do NOT forget to click Apply & OK then re-start eMC

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I gave the solution in another post, which you can find here: Error when loading database - can't install - #2 by Gary