Recovery ...accident deleted account on old computer

I accidently deleted emClient free version on my old computer, so I want to

  1. draw down all emails onto this sole computer with emCleint and
  2. I can then do a back up and restore the old computers edition of emClient.
    This laptop is used only when holidaying, when unable to access desktop computer.
    i don’t want to and can’t afford to pay $80 for the second edition of emClient

To export emails, contacts, events, tasks, notes, you have to go in eM Client on the top left, in “Menu” in the column that appears choose “File” and “Export”.
If you want to make a backup of eM Client, go to “Menu” “Settings” “Backup” and set the directory where you want to save full backup copies of eM Client, choose “Frequency” and “Preserve last”.
If you want to make a backup directly, go to “Menu” and click on “Backup”.
If you have a Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. email account. and you no longer have eM Client, download the program, “Menu” “Accounts” “Add Acount” “Mail”, choose your email account “Next” fill in the data, your default browser will open, accept that eM Client can access your email account, now you just have to wait a few minutes and all the emails and folders you have in that email account will be downloaded.
Repeat the procedure if you have other different email accounts.
(Sorry for my bad English)