Recovering Deleted Email Account's Folders


Yesterday, I accidentally deleted the Email Account from the Account Manager. I did not realize it also deleted all the folders associated to the Email address. So I added the email address back in, but all the folders and old emails do not show up again.

I did a test to see if new emails would ‘go somewhere’ besides the inbox and the test came out what I thought it would do. It would show up in the “Unread” folder. Then after it’s read, it will disappear. I have a feeling it went to where it was supposed to go via the Message Rules. However, since the folders are gone, I can’t access that ‘disappeared’ email.

So my question is, since it is still possible that the emails/folders are intact, is there a way to recover them? If so, how?

Note that I have checked the AppData/Roaming/EM Client folder and I see that the “mail_data.dat” file is about 800 MB’s and the “mail_fti.dat” file is about 200 MB’s.

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of your current tree folder in your left side bar of the application?

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Hi Paul, here is the screenshot. After I added the email account back, none of the folders I had before came back. I would also like to add that I am unsure what I had exactly named my folders before the folders were removed, though I do have an idea.

Hi, can you make a screenshot of the account settings, these are only Local Folder so they should contain emails that you store locally. You should be seeing an account in the list with your folders.

Can you also check your webmail if you have the folders stored online?

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Actually, those are the only folders I see. I don’t know why my email account folders don’t show up. Meaning, I don’t see an Account Email + Folders on that list. Below are the screenshots for my Account Settings:

Also, I know this probably sounds lame, but our mail server does not have a functional webmail application. So the only way we could check our email is either through IMAP or POP3 with a desktop application.

I see you’re using POP for receiving emails, if you want your folders to be synchronized you’d have to setup an IMAP account, I don’t know if you setup the account via the automatic setup or manual setup, automatic setup usually automatically discovers IMAP, if not can you try setting the IMAP manually?

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Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to help me. I have added the email account as IMAP. Unfortunately, it seems the server didn’t retain any of my emails. Probably because my POP3 account downloaded them all. Below is a screenshot now:

I checked the EM Client folder in AppData/Roaming and the two dat files I mentioned earlier are still their large original sizes, if that helps at all.

Hi again, unfortunately in this case there’s no solution for the issue, when you delete your account which is not synchronized with the server, eM client shows a warning that all your local data will be deleted.

So there’s no existing procedure for getting this data back to your client.

I’m sorry you’re experiencing this, but if I can recommend something, by using IMAP you can easily prevent this for similar future case.

Thank you for understanding,

Alright. Thanks for all the help. :slight_smile: