Recovering Auto-Filled email addresses from Outlook

Can you recover the names that auto-dropdown when you import a .pst file? I just did an install of EMClient for someone, an outlook swap out. They said prior to the install that they didn’t use contacts, and they were on IMAP, so I just installed without importing the PST. Then I get a call back saying that they wanted the email addresses that came up when they started an email and started typing. If I do import the PST, will I recover the auto-found email addresses? Remember, they did not have them in a contacts file. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, I believe not, since they weren’t using contacts all the contacts from the dropdown weren’t saved anywhere but some temporary files, probably.
But maybe I’m mistaken, the best thing would be checking if you can see any data in the contact lists in their old outlook (if it’s still possible to check).

Thank you,