Recover lost emails after Windows User delete

I downloaded and started using eM a couple of days ago, on my new (but secondhand) pc. The I realised that I wanted to change the Windows user name, but couldn’t get it to change, so I created a new user and deleted the old user, and with it all the account settings and emails that had downloaded in the last 2 days. How do I recover them?

If you open Windows Explorer and navigate to “C:\Users”, is the previous user there? If so, within that folder, navigate to AppData\Roaming and copy the “eM Client” folder into your new user’s corresponding Roaming folder. Then, when you open eM Client, it might open with the configuration and e-mails from the previous account.

(If you’re using Windows XP or earlier, the folder might be “C:\Documents and Settings\previous user\Application Data\Roaming” or something like that.)

If the user’s folder no longer exists, you could consider using deleted file recovery programs, however, it would be possible that the data would be unrecoverable.

Also, AppData is a hidden folder by default.

I am afraid it is not possible. By deleting the Windows user you delete also all the documents related to this account.

If the files are deleted, you can use file recovery tools such as PhotoRec to attempt to recover them. There’s no guarantee that you can get them back; their data may have been overwritten.