Recover inbox sub-folders after synching with Yahoo

I understand that when I create an inbox sub-folder, and then synch eM Client with my Yahoo mail provider, the inbox sub-folders will be removed. I had moved a few of my local folders to inbox sub-folders. Are all these emails now gone forever, or is there a way to recover them?

I vaguely remember that I had this issue before and was able to recover those emails, but I can’t figure out how.


Hello Omm,

If you create a sub-folder in eM Client, then it should reflect on the Yahoo server and you should see the subfolder there as well as the emails you moved in the folder.
Did you experience that the subfolder disappeared?

Anyway, if you have a backup file made before this action, you should find the emails there.


Yes, it seems to be a known issue that sub-folders under the inbox disappear when you connect back to a Yahoo mail server, as you can see here:—why-cant-i-see-my-subfolders-when-i-synchronize-my-account

So I moved folders from my Local Folders to my Inbox, with at least a hundred emails in them. eM client connects to Yahoo, and poof, they are all gone.

I need to understand whether all these emails are completely erased, or whether there is a trick to resurface them. As I wrote I think I did the same thing a longer while ago … just had forgotten not to do this again.