recover folder deleted on mail server

I accidentally deleted some email folders on my email server to which eM Client connects with using IMAP. Is there a way to restore these by restoring eM Client’s local database files on my desktop system? That is, can I restore my …/AppData/Roaming/eM_Client directory from a system backup and then have eM Client resync with my email server over IMAP? Do I need to first recreate the deleted directories on the server so that they are there for eM Client to sync the restored data to? Anything else I need to do? TIA

Hi Rick,
If you have a backup of the eM Client’s database folder in Roaming which still contains the deleted folder, you can restore from this backup and then run eM Client in offline mode (by holding ctrl button when loading the application since the first click), then you should be able to backup the folder into local folders just to make sure you don’t lose it again and go back online in File > Work offline (which will be checked).

Not completely sure if the folder will be synchronized automatically or if it’s going to be deleted.

Hope this helps,