Recover archive messages

Where are the archive folders/messages? I have seen the conversations on this, have ‘local folders’ on and they show but ‘archive’ is not one of them. Have located an ‘Archive’ folder in the database but that is not a normal way to recover the messages (I am not sure what I would have to do to them to get them back anyway!). 
How do I see the archive folder with normal (archived) messages in it??? I use gmail which seems pertinent. I have archived a couple of messages for testing; how do I un-archive them??? I expected them to show in an archive folder and would move them back to Inbox. Why does the archive folder I can find in the database not show in the programme - it has content!
Seen the tutorials and some show the local folder drop-down open with an ‘Archive’ folder in it. My ‘Local folder’ does not show an ‘Archive’ folder.

That really depends on where the archive is, which is determined by the email provider and the type of archive you selected.

The Gmail route, where you click a message and choose Archive, the destination is in the IMAP folders. So that is the account tree where you have Inbox, Sent etc. If you can’t see it in eM Client, login through the Gmail web interface and see if it is there.

The other route, which is eM Client’s Automatic Archiving feature, will create a separate folder tree below Local Folders.

Archived messages can be accessed only within eM Client, by clicking on the appropriate folder in the left side-bar. They are not be accessible using Windows Explorer to browse the database directory.

I have since found that if you do an automatic archive then the archive folder is created and displayed under local folders and every thing is fine. However if you first do a manual archive then the archived messages just disappear - they may be in the database but are not easily displayed! The archive folder is not created until you do an automatic archive!