Recipients to Contacts

Is it possible that em client saves every recipient (the ones that the emails are adressed to) for future use?

Now, I have to fill in everytime the e-mailadres. I would prefer that, once the adress is already used in the past, em client would remember that…


You can find this setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Thank you!

Is it also possible to add these stored recipients to the Contacts?


In the settings in the above screen-shot, click on Show recipients. You can then either individually, or by selecting multiple recipients, right-click and choose Save as Contacts.

I am a little OCD, so after I have saved them to contacts, I like to delete them from the recipients history. :crazy_face:

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Thanks again Gary!!!

With my Apple MacBook Pro the right mouse click didn’t work, but I discoveren I could drag & drop the recipients to the Contacts.


Have a nice day


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