Recipients History empty...but still getting suggestions from non-contacts

Recipients History:
‘Store composed mail recipients for suggestions’ is unchecked and ‘show recipients’ is empty but I’m still getting suggestions from emails not in my contacts list auto-populating the To:
There are a few suggestion emails I have that were a 1 time email sent to someone and never added to my contacts.
How do I permanently delete these unwanted suggestions?

I must add that ‘automatically complete email addresses when composing’ is checked…but that should only auto suggest emails in my contacts list only and nothing to do with recipient history.

A new feature was added in the latest release that populates based on sent emails. There will be an option in a future release to disable this. Please see this post:

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Thanks but I didn’t quite understand the explanation…I’ll try again another time.

The unwanted suggestions you mention based on the 1 time email sent to someone are being shown when composing an email because this was a new feature added in the latest version. A future version will have a option to disable this so that those will not be shown.

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Thanks lancealot, I got it now appreciate the follow-up.
By enabling history the unwanted address will be added the next time you start typing as it becomes available as a suggestion for To: You then go back to history and choose delete and it will permanently remove the email address from reappearing.


As you can see my version has the option not to store and it is unchecked but still getting unwanted suggestions.

It is building the suggestion list based on emails in your sent folder, that setting you mention is separate from that. Please see this post about the upcoming feature that will be added to remove it from offering suggestions based on the sent folder emails: Loading recipients from sent is a nightmare - #17 by Gary

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Thanks for clarifying.

All you have to do is wait for next eM Client version. New version will be suggesting contacts as you expect.

OK I’ll look forward to it…thanks.