Recipients complain that sent messages via EmClient are clipped

Hi! When sending emails, my recipients complain that the messages are clipped (3dots appear which you have to click in order to see the full message). This happens even if the mesage is short. Is there a way to fix this?

Hi, eM Client by default only synchronizes your headers of your incoming email, e.g. the body of the message is being downloaded after you click on the message, a similar behavior however can be seen for folder synchronization process as well.

eM Client by default only synchronizes the Inbox automatically, all other subfolders are only synchronized when you open the folder. The protocol you’re using for synchronizing your items however, does not allow us to check the number of items available in this folder, so only a three dot indication is displayed for displaying that new content is available for this folder, the unread status can however be displayed only after the folder finishes the sync.

In order to avoid this, you’d have to enable the “Download messages for offline use” option that can be found in the application settings under Tools > Settings > General, or can be enabled for each folder separately by right clicking the folder and changing the offline properties in the “Properties” of this folder.

Hi there seems to be a misunderstanding of the issue. The problem that i encounter of “message clipped” only happens when i send a reply/or create a new message using EmClient.

This means that the recipient of the message (ie who uses google mail) have to click the “3 dots icon” in order to view the message i sent via EmClient.

I have no problem with the synchronization as it works perfectly.

I’m afraid this is not an application issue however, this is a feature of the gmail web interface and how replies should be correctly displayed in their online interface.

In case of any issues with the online application of Gmail, please contact Gmail support.

Thank you.