Recipients can't receive my mails, but I can receive any message

I use my corporate mail on eM, and I can communicate with all of my colleagues, but the external mail accounts can ́t receive my mails, however, I can receive theirs. I’ve just tried to send the email since the webmail and they’re receving my messages, so I think the problem is related the eM. Thanks for your help.

Hey Andrés,

What kind of e-mail service is your company using?


Hi David,

We host the mail on Hostgator, don’t have neither Google nor Exchange nor other services.

Also I forgot to write that the software was uninstalled and reinstalled, but didn’t work.

Are your messages hanging in outbox or are they being sent properly and the recipients are just not receiving them?


They are being sent, and they are on sent messages folder, but our clients say that they are not receiving mails. Also we made tests sending messages to our Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo personal accounts and we aren’t receiving them, the succesful recipients are our colleagues.

Then this seems to be a server-side problem. It appears your server is configured so that is it blocking some of the outgoing messages from eM Client.

I recommend trying to solve the issue in the server config itself, as eM Client apparently reports these messages as successfully sent.


Really! I found an alert about account level mail filters. I’m gonna review this with Hostgator.

Thank David so much! I will response on this post if I need your help again.

Interesting. Having the exact same problem with Hostgator. First showed up about a week ago (we use Thunderbird). Can send and receive to accounts on the same domain but nothing to external accounts. Sending from the hostgator webmail works fine. Switch to eM to see if it fixed the problem in case it was Thunderbird but the result was the same. Oddly, tried EverDesk and the problem emails did get sent properly. Convinced it is a Hostgator issue but have been waiting 5 days so far for a response to my service ticket.

Cool Henry! But now I found that the mails are working rigth on Outlook. I tried on Thunderbird and Opera Mail, but the issue continues, it seems that Outlook is the only one working fine with Hostgator server.

In the other hand, I’ve been waiting the Hostgator support for the last 3 days, but I have no answer. I hope they answer ASAP 'cause we don’t like Outlook so much.

Finally I wanna ask to you of you have tried Outlook for verifying the issue.

I have tried a few other email programs and the only one I have found that still works with Hostgator is EverDesk ( “Link:”). I have not tried Outlook myself.  I verified by sending emails to my Google account. 

It is certainly an odd issue since some email programs work and others do not. The Webmail provided by Hostgator works as well. I think the problem is with Hostgator since we have used Thunderbird for years and all of a sudden this started happening last week. The problem is that Hostgator support does not respond. Not to service tickets, online chat or by telephone.