Recent version of emClient unable to extract embedded images from email

If an image is embedded in an email (as opposed to attached), I used to be able to extract and save the image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save Image As”. But while the option to do that is still there in the right-click menu, it doesn’t do anything! Now, there is absolutely nothing I can do to extract and save the image, not even copying it and pasting it into a graphics prog (doesn’t appear as an available image to paste). I assumed there was something wrong with the emails in this case, but then I opened the emails in Gmail (web interface in a browser) and was easily able to download the image from that interface, so something has got broken in embedded image handling in emClient. I also happened to double-click on an embedded image in emClient and it pops up a dialog saying “ERROR, Access is denied”. Grrrr… That means I can’t use emClient now if I want to extract an embedded graphic.

The quickest fix is to uninstall that service release and download and re-install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History. Will take about 5 minutes.