Recent update(?) made it so I can't type inside eM Client at all [SOLVED]

I’m digging the cleaner look, but something is causing me major issues. Something is preventing me from typing text into any field I’ve tried, including the recipient and message. Not even CTRL+V works, but for some bizarre reason, it has no trouble accepting pasting via the mouse menu. So the problem is something purely to do with keyboard input. The bothersome workaround I’ve found, is that I type into another program, like a text editor, then copypaste with right-click. Not exactly a seamless experience, as you can imagine.

I’m running eM Client version 8.0.3385 (83a873c) and Windows 10 Home (1903) with a Corsair K68 keyboard.

Have you given thought to dropping back to the prior update, 8.0.3318.0 ?

v8.0.3385.0 resolved a major issue I encountered typing/pasting into the TO/CC/BCC email fields that was related to DPI settings… perhaps that resolution caused you some problem.

That might very well be it, if it messes with the same code. I asked here just in case of a fix, hoping not to have to downgrade.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a handy way of doing that, like with many other modern applications. An older installer just recognizes the newer version and quits the installer. I’d have to uninstall just to re-install, and then eventually upgrade anyway.

But this is just me whining about extra-work, though. Thanks for trying to help! Just one more question: if I were to uninstall, should I rather do a backup or export-import?

The way I have always “dropped back” is:

(3) Install the version of choice from

I have not had to drop back using v8, but this should work as it did in v7.

That did it! Surprisingly painless after all. Thanks for your help!

It really was that single update from the 21st. The previous 8.0.3318.0 works fine!

Great, glad it resolved your issue.

I would suggest that you send an email to support detailing your issue and letting them know that the prior update worked, current did not…

Hopefully they will not ignore if you are not a PRO user…

[email protected]

I’m indeed not a PRO user, but I did drop a link to this thread on their survey of “why did you uninstall?”

Now, if anybody actually reads those is a different matter. I’d assume the devs at least read the forums?

Occasionally :roll_eyes: