Recent Update Corrupted Database

I installed an update after receiving notification of it. Now eM Client will not open - as it says the database is corrupted. When it then tries to verify and repair…it fails…saying “Database verification and repairing failed. Please contact the support team at and include your contact information so we can get back to you”. It then shows two buttons - one to close and one to Restore Backup…but the Restore backup button does nothing when it is clicked. Restoring backup wouldn’t work for me anyway - as apparently the last backup was made in May. Can anyone help please? I desperately need to be able to get the contact lists back at least.

If I click on the “Show Details” link it shows:

MailClient.Storage.Data.DatabaseCorruptedException (0x80004005): SQL logic error
no such trigger: conversations.trig_Conversations_ConversationUnreadCounts_UpdateAdd
Line: 91
DROP TRIGGER conversations.“trig_Conversations_ConversationUnreadCounts_UpdateAdd”;
at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1.ImportFromResource(IDbConnection connection, Stream myStream, CancellationToken token) at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1.CheckSchema(String databaseName, String resourceName)
at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbRepository1..ctor(DataStore dataStore, String location, String indexTable, String[] readWriteDatabaseNames, String[] readOnlyDatabaseNames) at MailClient.Storage.Data.DbItemRepository1…ctor(DataStore dataStore, String dbLocation, String categoryNamesTable, String indexTable, String[] readWriteDatabaseNames, String[] readOnlyDatabaseNames)
at MailClient.Storage.Mail.Data.DbMailRepository…ctor(DataStore dataStore, String dbLocation)
at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories.Open(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType)
at MailClient.Accounts.ItemRepositories…ctor(DataStore dataStore, String accountPath, AccountType accountType, String accountName, String protocolName)
at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.CheckConsistencyForAccount(String accountDirectory, RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token)
at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.b__0(String p)
at MailClient.DbRepair.PerAccountExecutor.Execute(String dataStoreLocation, Func`2 action)
at MailClient.DbRepair.ConsistencyChecker.Check(RepairMode mode, CancellationToken token)
at MailClient.DbRepair.CheckingProcess.Check(CancellationToken token)
AccountType: Mail
DatabaseLocation: C:\Users\offic\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\f0c3dd98-bac7-46f9-a3d8-445888b2e770

Did you contact support? Have they responded?

Doesn’t sound like the corruption would be fixable… with other than a restore.

For future reference, I would strongly suggest you do daily automatic backups with 5 version preservation (and a special backup immediately prior to installing a new version).