Recent transfer of Live Mail to eM Client

My Live Mail using Windows 8.1 has not been supported since 2017 and since then has been increasingly playing up by refusing to download e mails or record deletions and reporting unable to connect to my bt server. Live Mail simply had to go in the bin. My solution was to either update to Windows 10 [ugh] or find an alternative free e mail program to try out. I selected eM Client having read so many good reviews on line.
The installation was easy, however, initially, I had some considerable problems uploading my extensive contacts lists…for some reason it would only automatically transfer 4 contacts? Eventually, I managed to solve this by copying all my contacts in V Card form to my PC then importing them to the eM Client address/contacts. Auto addressing worked a treat.
The whole eM Client system is working fine, automatically syncing with my PC and tablet, clear, quick and effective. The messaging is also clear and easy to understand and initially I am very impressed.
Hope this posting helps others having the same problems with the outdated Live Mail and looking for a good alternative free E Mail program.

Bill Fenton

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your post full of kind words. We believe that eM Client will serve you well as a replacement of WLM.