Recent onslaught of junk mail

We have recently started receiving an inordinately large amount of junk mail, including those marked as **SPAM** by our server.  This is happening at different satellite locations using the same software, but different ISPs and installations.  We have not changed any of our settings.  These same emails were previously directed to our Junk or Trash folders.  Is there anything we may be able to do? 

I guess it depends where the spam was being processed. Most email providers already filter spam before you sync with the sever, in which case eM Client was not doing anything anyway. It simply syncs the Junk folder.

If eM Client was processing the spam, then check in Menu > Tools > Rules, where there is a Spam filter Rule which looks for the spam header added by your server. If either the Rule is disabled, or the server is no longer adding a spam header, then it will not work. The specific header is X-Spam_Status or X-Spam , and it needs to have the Yes value.

To see what the server is adding, right-click on the header section in the message preview pane. Choose View Mail Header.

Spam filter Rule is enabled, but still downloading Know Spam from the server?

Some servers flag messages as spam but do nothing to them. That is the purpose of the Spam filter Rule. It will move messages from the Inbox to the Junk folder. That is all.

Messages moved by your provider to the Junk folder have already been acted on, there is nothing more to do.