Receiving popup to chose free or pro

I have been using free version of Emclient for a number of years and extremely happy with it.
I recently upgraded my Win 10 operating system and successfully reinstalled Emclient (free version) and recuperated all my original emails and local folders.
Last few days I have been receiving popups that if I want to upgrade to Pro or choose free version … deadline was today. I tried to choose free version but popup stated that I already have a free licence (which I had/have) Going to Help on the local EmClient it tells me I have version 9.2.2038 (c8b8173)
Gmail works fine on the web. Have I mistakenly installed Pro version? What can I do?

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Sounds like you possibly may have the wrong license in your reinstalled eM Client. The program is the same whether you use a free or paid license.

Go to, and enter the email address you used to purchase the original free license. The activation key will be resent to you.

Then in eM Client go to “Menu / Help / License”, and click on “Activate” and paste the received key.

Failing that, try “deactivating your current license” in there and reactivate your license again.

Also for privacy reasons, delete the first part of your @gmail address in your post above. Just make it eg: [email protected]

It looks like your computer is reporting a different hardware address to what it was on 22 July. That means our license server assumes it is a different device, so the license is deactivated. As @cyberzork says, go to Menu > Help > License and activate your license.

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