Receiving mail in wrong folder

I have configured “eM client” with two accounts but mail sent to the first account appears in the InBox of the second account… There are no filters configured nor any forwarding on server nor locally in the application. Setting an acount as ‘primary’ has no influence on this behavior.
It is not a big issue, just very annoying. Anyone any idea?


Just to confirm, your account tree looks something like this:

And both account’s email is showing up in Account 2/Inbox.

Are the emails from the first account also in Account 1/Inbox?

I have the exact same problem. I have two email accounts. All emails are now appearing in the primary account inbox even though they are addressed to the second email account.

Are you looking at the All Inboxes folder (1) or the account Inbox (2)?

(Seems when the forum moved to this service last year, all the images from my previous posts were deleted. My comment above from Jan '18 really doesn’t make any sense without the screen-shot)

No, I am looking at the individual email accounts. The primary is a gmail account, the secondary is a gmx account.

All emails sent to the gmx account show up in the gmail inbox.

Of course, all emails show up in the all inboxes.

And you don’t have GMX forwarded to Gmail? Or Gmail collecting from GMX?

No, I do not have the gmx mail forwarded.

As a test, can you remove the GMX account from eM Client.

Then get someone to send you a message to the GMX address and see if it appears in Gmail. Maybe give it a day and see what happens.

I have the same problem. I have 2 gmail accounts. Account 1 only has account 1 emails but account 2 has all emails for account 1 and account 2.

If I use gmail in a browser both accounts just contain the emails for their respective accounts (Account 1 only has account 1 emails and Account 2 only has account 2 emails).

This has been working perfectly until I installed the 8.1 update, then it changed to the scenario described above.

You can try removing account 2 from eM Client, then adding it again. See if that makes any difference.

mmm. From memory with multiple accounts setup in EMC, you can specify in the settings or when you add the extra accounts whether all separate account emails (arrive in the same primary inbox) or in their separate acct inboxes.

Yes, but that is only with POP3. The option is for each POP3 account to have its own set of folders, or for specified accounts to use Local Folders instead.

IMAP folders cannot be combined for accounts because they are simply a view of the server. Maybe what has happened here is that during the upgrade the database cache has become corrupted. Removing the defective account(s) and adding it again will put it back the way it should be.


OK, I did that and the email DID NOT show up in the gmail section of my mail. I checked the GMX web site email access and the email is there, so I know it went through.

I added my GMX account back to the client and now things are working correctly again. Thanks for your help.