Receiving errors sending mail. Authorization 5.7.1

Hello,… I have been testing emClient with the intention of moving to Pro on several accounts.

Recently, I have been getting the 5.7.1 authorization error for sending emails.

I have spoken to my host, and they told me it is due to an invalid login.  They cited this error on their end logs. (I have x’d out the IP and name)


  1. Aug 1 16:33:18 s468 chkpw[13572]: SMTP-587 Auth failure [***] from"
    I can log in fine to my web email, so I know the password I was using was correct.  But to be safe, I went and changed the email authentication passwords and verified they were fine.

I again today went to send an email, and had the 5.7.1 error message come up. In addition, I also have the following error come up (but not every time). (A screen shot is attached).

The password is regular alphanumeric characters.

The only way to remedy this is to go into Tools > Accounts > Diagnostics and hit “diagnose”.  It then tests the accounts, says Im not authorized 5.7.1 and I retype in my password, and then it gives me a GREEN Checkmark, and says okay.  I then receive an email from emClient indicating a successful connection.

"Dear User,
This is a message testing the configuration of account ‘’.

It was generated at ‘8/3/2017 5:26:10 PM’ and can be safely removed."

I have no such problems using the same account on my mobile mail, with the same settings.

This is very frustrating.

Help would be appreciated, or I will have to move to another client.

Thank you.


no response what so ever in 4 months.  Pretty hard to want to buy this software like this.

It appears that there was something wrong with your SMTP settings. Diagnose fixed that and managed to send the test email. After diagnose, did you click OK or Cancel?

Is the problem with sending email still there?

It is intermittent… somedays it doesnt happen… other days it happens 20 times.  If I delete the message and copy and paste it into a new message theres a 50/50 chance it will go through.  I do not have this issue with any other mail program we have tried.  But I continue to see emClient as a top option so thats why we keep trying.  It worked fine for about 2 weeks at one point until this started happening again.

It is the same error and messages as posted in the origial post.

the error will happen, diagnose fixes it for that current sent task, but it can easily stop working again on the next message to be sent, or maybe it will go through.  Like I said in any other application with the same settings, PC/mobile, I have never seen this error.