Receiving emails with no content

I have just downloaded and installed eM Client and followed the directions setting up the account etc, yesterday was the first day of using and all my mail was visible and I could open each and read the contents. Today I received a number of email into my inbox, but when I click on each to open and read the contents, all I could see in the subject line and no content message. Why? and how can I overcome this frustrating problem.

Hey I just closed the program down, and reopened it after 3-4 minutes, and low and behold there was all the content messages available. Don’t know what happened but will see how it goes over the next few days, otherwise back to Thunderbird.

It is possible that the message contents could not be downloaded because of a temporary break in the connection.

There is a setting in Menu > Accounts, then in the IMAP tab for your email account. Go to the Sync Options section and tick both options. This will ensure that when the message arrives, all its content is downloaded, rather than it only being done when you open the message.


Thank you Gary for your very prompt reply and solution, worked a treat, thanks again

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