Receiving emails not addressed to me

Can someone please tell me why it is I receive spam mail addressed to a hotmail account or yahoo account, when my name isn’t in the address bar. I am trying to make rules so as not to receive certain spam mail, but the receiver name is unrelated to my email address.

View the email header by right-clicking an unopened email and selecting “View Mail Header”.
Is there anything in the TO, SUBJECT or FROM fields that appear in all of those emails? Looking for commonality.

Oh, golly I deleted the e-mails after making rules for them to be directed to spam. But, I did look at communication history or whatever, and my email was there. But when I just clicked on the To: address nothing, I’m not sure how they do that, put in a Yahoo or Hotmail address that is obvious, but my email is in the background. It’s just that I have hundreds of blacklisted e-mails now and I’m not sure if there is a limit, and these are all pornographic spam, hate them.

Sorry! Rude thank you for you reply and so quickly as well.

So as the spam comes in you are manually “blacklisting” them?

Yes, because there’s nothing else I can do, and they seem to be ramping up. I found out how to make rules by domain now. Some are repetitive but not many.

OK, so the emails should be going to your JUNK folder where you can look at their HEADER as I suggested earlier.

OK, thank you, but my rule stated move to junk folder and permanently delete.

Everyone can send an email with recipients in BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).
eM Cient also allows to do.
The recipients are then unable to know the addresses listed in BCC.
This way of doing things can be used out of respect for confidentiality.

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Right sorry I didn’t think of that. Thank you very much, I’ll just keep making rules then.
Thank you again.