Receiving calendar invitations actually intended for my colleagues

Why am I receiving invitations for events I’m no invited to? I view more than one calendar in my google account, but some of them are from other people.

I keep receiving their invites, and the invitations won’t go away no matter if I click accept, decline or maybe

Send me one of the invitations saved as .eml directly at Thank you.

I have the very same problem. Is there a help?

Do you use shared calendars?

Yes I do. How can I set it up?

I am also running into this issue with shared co-worker calendars. Any solution?

sorry for the delayed reply. I have tested it right now and found that Google does not allow you to change the invitation status. We will try to find a workaround but truth is, that it does not work properly in Google calendar either (it displays wrong calendar folder).

I’m having the same issue.  Just started using eM Client yesterday.  I have 4 invitations showing but none of them are for me.  3 are on my husband’s calendar that he shares with me (view only) and 1 is on a colleague’s calendar that she also shares with me (view only).  I’m afraid to hit decline since they’re not really mine.  But I want them to go away since they’re not really mine to begin with.