Receiving 100 plus Spam Emails in my inbox each day, how do I fix this?

Hi all,

I’ve recently started receiving so many spam emails to my inbox, roughly about 100 plus per day.

Does anyone know how I can fix this and maybe start from a clean slate?


eM Client does not have a spam filter like you will find with your email provider. They use key words, or history from what other users have classified as spam. If your email provider spam filter is turned off, it is best to turn it back on.

In eM Client, you need to manually add the address or the domain of the spam email to your blacklist. To do that, right-click on the email and choose Move to Junk and blacklist email/domain. Any further email from that sender or domain will then automatically be moved to Junk.

I too get masses of spam email every single day,multiple times a day.
Marking them as spam and blacklisting email/domain has NO effect at all.
If this continues i will have to look for another email client as the amount pf spam i get is ridiculous.
This needs addressing a,s,a,p

The nature of spam is that they don’t use the same email address or domain more than once, so this feature will usually not apply to further messages from what appears to be the same sender.

The best option for detecting spam is to enable it on your email provider’s server. Usually that has learning capabilities and can automatically detect new spam by word combinations, previous user flags as spam etc.

eM Client does not have that capability. All it has is the Blacklist Rule you create, which requires as 100% match on the address or domain, as well as the Spam filter Rule which relies on the server tagging the message as spam but not moving it.

I have all the tools that are available to me set on my email providers site.
I have contacted them and they agree i have done all i can to stop the spam getting through but still it arrive daily.
I never used to get spam like this, it only began around three weeks ago so something changed when i got the last update of em client.
I will search for a new email client in case this does not get resolved as i am sick to death of all the spam i have to wade through to get the emails i actually need.

Changing your email client will not change the spam you are receiving. Somehow your email address got passed to a spam list. Maybe someone who has your address got some malware on their computer, maybe some organization who has your address got hacked, who knows?

About all you can do is change email address.

I don’t agree with that,because if i log into my email provider on the net then ALL the spam is where it should be, in the spam folder.
But if i use em client to get my email then it brings ALL the spam with it even though i have a blacklist set on my providers site that is so long it runs to over three pages.It seems that setting an email as blacklist domain/email has no effect whatsoever as em client just does nothing with it.
The issue IS with em client and not my provider,if em don’t sort it then i will be using something else.

Yes, eM Client syncs ALL folders through IMAP, so those messages already moved to the Junk folder by your server will appear in the Junk folder in eM Client. This will be the same no matter which email client you use.

I have never had this issue with other email clients i have used before.
I only changed to EM as the one i was using ceased to work and was withdrawn.
Looks like a web search is in order.

Maybe the previous email clients were setup as POP3, which doesn’t sync folders from the server. Otherwise this is normal behavior that you will find in EVERY email client using IMAP or Exchange. A web search for another email client is not going to change that.

I’m giving Thunderbird a shot.
If it works better than EM then i will uninstall EM.
So far it is able to “learn” what is junk much better than EM.
Early days but we will see.

The adaptive junk filtering in Thunderbird only applies to Inbox messages. If the messages have already been moved to the Junk folder by your server, you will have exactly the same result in Thunderbird and in eM Client.

The only benefit with Thunderbird in this regard is that you can choose not to display or download the Junk folder.

Just ran Thunderbird after waiting a few hours.
Result NO SPAM in my inbox. NO SPAM in my spam folder either.
I checked online and lo and behold spam in my spam box on my providers site.
Thunderbird works !

Uh . . . no! The spam folder in Thunderbird should be syncing with the spam folder on the server. Best you sign up to a Mozilla forum and get that sorted.

No thanks. Thunderbird does exactly as i want it to do, keep the spam away from me.
Bye Bye EM client, Thunderbird is WAY better !

Yes, sometimes when you misuse something, it is what you want. LOL!

What the hell do you know ?
You have  NO IDEAS how i’m using it. I’ve been using email clients since the net first began so keep your biased opinions to yourself !
EM client is rubbish compared to Thunderbird and now em has been deleted from my system so no need to reply.

If you don’t want comments, then it is best if you don’t post questions because it is kinda weird to ask something and then tell the person who answers to keep their comments to themselves. Yes, this is an eM Client forum, so you can expect comments to be a little biased in favor of that application. Or did you expect something else?

I know a lot about Thunderbird and have even recommended it a few times on this forum.  In fact I wrote two add-ons, but since the update to 68 they are no longer supported like so many hundreds of others. I am working to rewrite them but the requirements keep changing so it is a chore. One of the disadvantages of too many cooks, . . .

Thunderbird and eM Client are both good email clients but Thunderbird is more like a do-it-yourself kit application. If you get it right, it can be very useful and there are some things possible that you will never find with other email applications. That is because it uses add-ons written by users to expand it’s features. But there is a danger in that and it can be a huge shock to find that the update from yesterday means you no longer have access to your shared work calendar. And even worse that there really is no one accountable for fixing it.

Whatever happen, I wish you well with Thunderbird.

Hi Gary
I do this for the many spam emails I get, but they just keep coming from the same address and domain. I’m sure they are from the same email adress and domain.
I thought eM would recognise these and send them to the spam/ junt folder automatically.

Hi John

It won’t happen automatically unless you have already specified the sender as Junk. Select the message and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and Blacklist email. After that any email from that sender will go to Junk automatically.