Received & replied-to emails with attachments only visible in Sent

So I get an email (from “Bob”), I reply to it with an attachment (here’s a funny cat pic/pdf), and then the original email is no longer listed in Inbox. It only appears as an email chained to my sent email in Sent folder. Bob’s original email does not appear when I do a search for “Bob” emails with the Inbox searchbox and is not present in Inbox. This issue does not arise for replies I make without an attachment. In this latter case, Bob’s original email would be viewable in both Inbox and Sent items.

Is there some sort of setting I need to change so that received emails are always present in and visible/serachable in Inbox?

This is a relatively new problem and may relate to another recent issue I had. A couple of weeks ago, I was having an issue where EmClient would pop up a dialogue box about whether to download content (hard to remember exactly the pop-up) and if I said no, the email I was replying to was lost, together with any attachments. So I set the pop-up box to always download content and checked the never ask again box (which is why I can’t remember the dialogue box).

Basically I want to keep my received Inbox emails in Inbox, and sent emails in Sent, together with the related attachments and email chain continuity. I have used EmClient for many years and this has never been an issue until the last month or so when I started having these problems of lost attachments and missing emails. I have never set any mail rules and just use the defaults.

Ver 9.1.2109 (9967b93)

Can you check something please.

Disable Conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

When that is done, do you see the missing messages?

Yes, thank you. This allows me to see the missing received messages in Inbox. The other option of Show Conversations in Message Detail Only seems to be an even better choice. Then the prior conversation history is there when I click on a message, which allows me to click on and open past messages in the conversation chain. I think this is how I had it set up at one point, before I inadvertently changed the settings, as it looks very familiar. Thanks again.

Who is the email account hosted by?

If you go to Menu > Accounts, does this account have an IMAP or Exchange tab?

Network Solutions. When I go to Menu/Accounts, there are General/IMAP/SMTP/Diagnostic tabs at the top.

Thank you for the details. We are looking into the issue.

I have the same issue since the last update (or maybe before),currently on version 9.1.2109.
At least I know that until recently, I did not have this issue.

When I reply to a message the original received message automatically disappears from the inbox and can only be found in the sent box. Really sort of makes it unworkable for me as this also gets rid of the attachments.

I already have conversations disabled, using exchange (office365) emails