Received receips

Received receipts - used to receive delivered receipts from all of my sent e mails. However I now do not get them from foreign contact just UK ones. Why? All the correct boxes are ticked in settings.

It is a delivery receipt and not a received receipt. Or do you mean a read receipt?

The delivery receipt is a function of the recipient’s mail server, which may generate a receipt if requested when the message arrives and is put in their Inbox on the server. The recipient may never connect and see the message, but it has been delivered to their server.

It may be that the recipient server has finally dropped that obsolete function. With 300 billion emails being sent each day, superfluous delivery receipts just add unwanted traffic to the Interweb. The modern practice is that unless you get a message from your server to say your message could NOT be delivered, then it has been. No need for a separate confirmation.

If you are referring to a read receipt, maybe the recipients are just like me and everyone I know; we just ignore read receipts and in fact most email clients offer the option to do this automatically. Could it be coincidence that geographically recipients are acknowledging your messages?

Both boxes i.e. read and delivery are ticked, but take your point about servers.

And if you send me an email with read receipt requested, you will never get a receipt because I have disabled that. So the read receipt is only as good as the settings on the recipient’s application. There is no way to force it.

Which makes me wonder why those options are there in the first place? :wink: