Received important emails, Late!

eM cllient, on Saturday 11-17-2020, I was to participate in a live streaming webinar. The Program I was streaming sent me a link at 5:35 pm, I did not receive it until 10pm that night. I live in Denver Colorado. My internet is Xfinity. I have contacted the sender, and she confirmed she sent it at 5:35 pm! I don’t have the particulars, but receiving emails that were sent hours earlier, much later in the day or the next day. Why does this happen? and what can I do to prevent it? Cameron-k Garrett,

miércoles 21 octubre 2020 :: 1300hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Cameron-k_Garrett

First, unless you are using an email address that is specific to the forum at eMC, it is not a good idea to publish your personal email address on a public forum, you might end up with some ‘strange’ emails.

I suppose I could be sarcastic with my reply, you appear to be working in some sort of time warp, however, I’ll put it down to a ‘typo’ unless of course you really can jump into the future in which case, please let me have the winning numbers for EuroMillions for Saturday 31 October 2020.

eMC does not delay the collection or display of emails. eMC can only collect and display emails when they are available on the mail server, the issue will have been caused by a connection or transmission issue between the originator and your mail server.

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