Receipents of Sent Mail Order

When sending an email with one recipient and a few CCs, the email after being sent will appear in the sent file with the person sent in alphabetical order, but it includes the CC’d people, so despite sending an email to, it will show in the folder even though was only CC’d. It makes finding emails I sent more complicated, as I CC a lot of people regularly, but usually am only interested in who I sent the email to. 

Hi. you can do whatever you want, but my first question would be
why don’t you use BCC ? for the other recipients?

In the first place for security reasons - You don’t expose all the other addresses
to everybody, plus  it would help you with your "problem " .

Just a suggestion…

This is because you are using the “Show conversations in all views” option. If you use the “Show conversations message details only”, it will show only the individual the message was sent to (also one line for each message received), but will still have the entire conversation history in the reading pane.


I used to use the all view option but have switched to the message detail only option.  It is clear who the message is to or from and it makes searches much easier to deal with.