Reassigning a shortcut does not work.

I’m attempting to reassign my shortcut for Forwarding emails. By default, the shortcut is Ctrl + F. I’ve changed the shortcut to Ctrl + L via Tools > Settings > General > Shortcuts and confirmed that the new shortcut is displayed in the Shortcuts menu.

However, when I attempt to forward a message, the shortcut does not work. Further, Ctrl + F does work, even though the shortcut for forwarding an email is listed as Ctrl + L. I’ve tried using the Apply button and restarting eM Client, but the behavior remains the same — Ctrl + L does not forward a message, but Ctrl + F does.

Am I doing something wrong?


What version of eM Client are you using?

Thank you.



Sorry about that! I’m on 6.0.24928.0 on Windows 7 Pro.


Make sure you change the shortcut both in “Main” and “Mail” sections in the Shortcuts menu, then it should work.

Hope this helps.


That did it! Thank you!