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eM Client does not work. Several days of support information exchange has gone nowhere. The 100% Money back guarantee does not give any ways to get it.


and what is your issue exactly? Only topic I have found with your post is some 1 year old topic which should be resolved for year now.

From your post now I can’t say what is your issue and help you.


After 2 days on free trial, I purchased the eM Client Pro and activated it. I still cannot establish more than two email sending accounts on eM Client. I have MS Outlook on the same computer without any similar issues. Running Win8 Pro64, AVG 2014 etc.

Note that I have not given up. I have committed to work further with eM Client Support using Teamviewer to determine source of problems. I sure hope this is a safe method and connection process!

Further note: the computer in question is a new build (my 5th), commissioned about 10 days ago. Compact but high-end. I loaded Win8Pro64, AVG 2014-64, bought an extra license and registered AVG, and then phone activated and registered Win8. I looked for an email application that would not entail buying an entire new Office suite. Downloaded trial eM Client. It would only receive on one of two accounts, and I knew the trial version only allowed two accounts, so I bought eM Client Pro. A mix of problems ensued through which I received EMC support. I can now receive on 3 accounts (but can’t get a 4th recognized), and can only send on two (no SMTP tab shows up). The 4th account just could not be established. In the meantime, I discovered I had an additional license available for my MS Office, loaded and registered it on this new computer, and activated Outlook with all contacts, accounts etc with everything working without problems.
EMC also still thinks my connection to my service provider is encrypted, which I have confirmed it quite specifically is not.

The free version of eM Client may work for some people who do not have more than two email addresses. However, do not get sucked into buying what is advertised as the licensed “Pro” version. There is no “Pro” version, and you do not get any additional functionality through paying this money. You just get a “deactivate-activate” button. I just got further insulted by getting, as a “valued user”, an offer to upgrade to the Pro version including the promised free upgrade to version 6 all for half the price I just paid to buy my licensed Pro version! The support team consists of one person located 10 time-zones east of their Sunnyvale, California business address. Unless you enjoy staying up past 2:00 AM to exchange unhelpful emails, recognize that this so-called “enterprise” service does not service any enterprise. Furthermore, the fact that eM Client discovers your entire contact list, even on a new, bare computer without your input worries me. That is unlike MS Outlook, for which you have to import a pst file to add your contacts.
Do not encourage this kind of business through paying anything!
Dave Kelly in Courtenay, Canada